FHT Stoves - Perspectives

On this page different perspectives of the FHT Stove are explored. Originally conceived to be a low-cost, fail-safe alternative to the 'back boiler', the benefits and ways in which the FHT Stove can be used are far more varied and beneficial. The following sections give a 'flavour' of the different ways the FHT Stove can be perceived.

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FHT Stove Schematic

Tosty toes!
The Ultimate Comfort Stove Up

Reduces heat passing to room by half instantly
Arrow Too hot? - turn heat transfer 'on'
Arrow Not warm enough? - turn heat transfer 'off'
Unparalleled control of comfort around the stove
Extends the possible heat output range well beyond normal combustion air control
Heat not required in the room used elsewhere in the home
Does not change radiant heat emitted from the stove front

The 'Greenest' Stove Up

Excess stove heat dispersed to other rooms reduces central heating boiler consumption
Can burn the stove and maintain comfort on more days of the year
Arrow Deep-Winter - most heat to the room - fan 'off'
Arrow Autumn & Spring - half heat to other rooms - fan 'on'
Being able to burn more days is a pragmatic solution to increasing the proportion of renewable heat in homes

Integrated with CH
A Stove that integrates with Central Heating Up

Stove can be matched to specific heating systems manufacturer
Thermostatic control of room temperature controls FHT Stove
Smart central control utilises the heat transferred from the stove to optimise the central heating boiler operation
Overall optimisation yields the greatest carbon savings and best customer comfort
Good customer appeal to 'green' the household whilst enjoying the pleasure of having a wood burning stove
Particularly good match to Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) where stove lighting matches lowest heat pump performance
Potential electricity network benefits if displacing deep winter ASHP demand

Customer Feedback Up

There have been more than 75,000 unique visitors to the FHT Stoves website and many hundreds have asked to be informed when products are available. Here are just a few comments:

...I like the simplicity of the FHT System      ‌

      Looks great - when can I buy one?

....very interested in this concept.....             ‌
....something that would sell well in our area

    ...it has put all other
        stoves in the past

The idea is absolutely brilliant.....   ‌

If it means waiting a year or two
                     .... I'm prepared to wait!

Love what you are doing

I am going to hold off buying a stove
     till this comes on the market

Your FHT Stove would be ideal for me.....

FHT Stove Prototype