About FHT Stoves
FHT Stoves - Fan Heat Transfer Stoves - linking solid-fuel stoves directly to central heating circuits
Developed in response to a need for better control of the heat output from solid-fuel stoves
Providing better customer comfort, safer operation, lower installation costs and enhancing the contribution that wood burning stoves can make to reducing carbon emissions
Patented technology available to manufacturers to create products that will transform the stoves market

The FHT Stove was developed in response to a market requirement for a stove that could connect directly to central heating circuits without the need for expensive and cumbersome link systems and natural circulation circuits. The resulting technology, the FHT Stove, satisfied these design requirements and also provided a range of additional benefits, including:

Switchable heat transfer
Unique level of customer comfort control
Fail-safe operation
Can connect to any wet heating circuit, including combi-boiler systems
Low installation and maintenance costs
No flaps or dampers that can fail over time
Very low noise operation
Maintains clean-burn conditions in the stove firebox
FHT Stove

Testing the first prototype
The FHT Stove was developed by Simon Redford, an Engineer with 30+ years for experience in energy efficiency products and services. Initially the FHT Stove was developed to find a solution for connecting a stove to central heating in his own home, but was so successful he then went on to patent the concept and develop the technology to production readiness. The FHT Stove is patented in Europe and also in Canada and New Zealand.

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The FHT Stove has been successfully demonstrated on various convector stove models, proving the performance and fail-safe attributes of the technology. The technology has been around for a while whilst Simon pursued other business interests and will now be delivered through a new business venture.