The FHT Stove
The stove designed for a low carbon future
FHT Stove impression
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Introducing the most controllable
wood burning stove in the world!

Excess heat sent to central heating circuit in seconds - turn ‘on’ or ‘off’ as required

Works with existing and renewable heating systems in low energy and energy efficient homes

Ideal for the future “net zero CO2 world”
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Proven, safe and cost effective solution to reduce overheating and disperse excess heat to the rest of the home

Direct connection to all heating systems including pressurised circuits, ‘combi’ systems and underfloor heating

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The FHT Stove is a unique wood burning stove design which incorporates all the features of modern, clean-burning, efficient convector stoves and adds an extra dimension! The patented technology safely diverts hot air from the sides of the stove to any central heating circuit when required. Heat transfer can be turned ‘on’ or ‘off’ so that you can choose whether to have all the stove heat going to the room or to divert approximately half the heat into the central heating system. Turn ‘on’ or ‘off’ as often as required.

FHT Stove - Fan 'ON'
Exploded view, principal
components; heat exchanger and fan
How the FHT Stove Works Up Arrow

The FHT Stove is a type of convector stove. Convector stoves provide comfortable radiant heat (like the sun) from the glass front and warmed air from the top of the stove to circulate in the room. To achieve convective heating, the firebox of the stove is surrounded by an ‘air-gap’ formed with the outer surfaces of the stove where air is heated and naturally rises to leave from holes at the top of the stove.

Radiant heat provides the ‘warm glow’ sensation as it heats objects, including you, that it encounters as it radiates from the stove but does not provide much heat to the air it passes through. Convective heat warms the air giving an all-round comfort.

In the FHT Stove a low-power, low-noise fan in the base of the stove can reverse natural convection over the outer surfaces of the firebox in the air-gap. When the fan is ‘on’ warm air that would normally come out of the top of the stove is directed to a heat exchanger under the firebox. The heat exchanger takes heat from the hot air into the water of the central heating circuit. When the fan is ‘off’ heat comes out of the top of the stove as normal. Around half of the stove heat can be diverted to the central heating system - instantaneously! No combustion gasses pass through the heat exchanger or enter the room.
FHT Stove - Fan 'OFF'

Operates as a normal convector
stove when the fan is ‘off’

Features Up Arrow
  • Too hot? - divert half the heat to other rooms or hot water - fan ‘on’

  • Not warm enough? - choose to have all the stove heat in the room - fan ‘off’

  • Turn ‘on’ and ‘off’ heat transfer as often as you like

  • Reduces the convective heat (hot air) when ‘on’ but maintains the comfortable radiant heat

  • Instantaneous transfer of heat - the ultimate in stove heat control

  • A straightforward principle of operation, matched by Engineering expertise for safe, quiet and reliable operation

  • Patents granted

Prototype FHT Stove

FHT Stove prototype under test

Advantages of the FHT Stove Up Arrow
  • The FHT Stove is fail-safe in the event of power supply failure

  • Designed to operate in parallel with all types of central heating systems

  • Excess heat dispersed to other parts of the home through the central heating system without restriction

  • Clean-burn, low emission stove, whether transferring heat or not

  • Can be operated from a room thermostat if desired

  • Low power requirements