The FHT Stove
Plans to put the FHT Stove into production

  • FHT Stove operation proven safe, quiet and reliable

  • Patents in force in commercially viable regions

  • Proposal to form a new business to bring the FHT Stove into production

  • Initially a single nominal 5kW model aimed at well insulated homes to address “Net Zero CO2 Emissions” goals

  • Simple, clean lines, specifically designed to maximise the FHT Stove benefits

  • Wood burning only for ‘renewable’ credentials

FHT Stove impression
Design concept for the first FHT Stove
Click on image for outline specification
Early FHT Stove Prototype
Early prototype testing
The FHT Stove design has been successfully demonstrated on several different commercially available convector stoves. Many hundreds of hours of operation have been monitored and recorded in detail. Safe and effective operation has been demonstrated for a wide range of operating scenarios and simulated failure conditions. The design has been patented in relevant regions - see IP page for more details.

The FHT Stove components could be fitted to many convector stoves and some people have asked for retrofit kits, but the need to show a legal and competent installation would require qualified fitters and close cooperation with the manufacturers to maintain warranties on products. This is not likely to be successful.

The route to market could be via one or more manufacturers offering the FHT Stove functionality as an option on one or more existing convector stove models with only small adaptations to the design in many cases. Although this possibility is open, to-date, despite some serious interest in the technology, the focus of most manufacturers
Specific FHT Stove prototype
Specific FHT Stove
prototype on test
currently appears to be on achieving compliance with 2022 regulations throughout their product ranges.

We have concluded that the best way forward is to form a new stove business, manufacturing initially only one model of stove. This stove model is specifically aimed at the emerging mass market for smaller output, more controllable stoves to operate in better insulated homes and to work seamlessly with renewable heating systems. Click on the design concept image above to see outline parameters for the proposed stove design.

A detailed Business Plan will be made available to potential investors, partners and collaborators shortly. An outline of the proposed business arrangement is given below.
FHT Stove concept - front view

  • A new company, FHT Stoves1 Limited, will be formed by Redford-Tech Limited (R-T) and new investors
  • FHT Stoves will have rights to R-T intellectual property, know-how and stove designs
  • Funding will be raised to complete specific design and drawings for manufacturing, testing, provide working capital for manufacturing and to establish sales channels
  • Grant funding related to Low Carbon product development will be investigated but will not predicate company formation or operation
  • FHT Stoves will promote and control sales channels and manage the supply chain
  • Manufacturing and Distribution will be contracted out
  • Longer-term development of additional FHT Stove models and additional functionality which may include limited electrical power generation and further integration with sustainable heat and power systems
        1 ‘FHT Stoves’ is currently used as a trading name of Redford-Tech Limited