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FHT Stoves have now entered into a manufacturing agreement with Hoşseven stoves, a top-quality Turkish manufacturer of multi-fuel stoves and gas appliances.

Extensive testing of the first product is now taking place. Product release to be announced soon. See the outline specification here
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Visit us at the Hearth and Home Exhibition
11th to 13th June 2017, Harrogate
Stand A33 - first hall
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Thousands of potential customers have visited the FHT Stoves website and hundreds have asked to be informed when products are available. Here are just a few comments:

...I like the simplicity of the FHT System     ‌

      Looks great – when can I buy one?

…very interested in this concept……            ‌
….something that would sell well in our area

    …it has put all other
        stoves in the past

The idea is absolutely brilliant.....   ‌

If it means waiting a year or two
                    .... I'm prepared to wait!

Love what you are doing

I am going to hold off buying a stove
     till this comes on the market

Your FHT Stove would be ideal for me.....

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